S2E2 – Virtual Killball

Howdy folks! It’s time for another episode of the Storm Chasers. On this LIVE (to tape) episode, Morgan tried to spend money he doesn’t have, and Dominic introduces a brand new game. PLUS: A stand-up routine featuring pizza, a Reel Talk turns highly ambitious, and the boys spin up a publishing powerhouse.

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Show Notes

We tried a different production technique on this one compared to our other podcasts – all the stingers and music beds were done live, and we did the show with the intention of doing as little editing as possible.

I think this approach produces a show that flows a lot better compared to the highly-edited Skype conversations we’ve been having for the past few years, and doing the show feels a lot more like when we were back on community radio.
What do you think? Is this better (or worse 😬)?

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