The Morgan & Dom Show

First, there was the late-afternoon morning show. Then, the apocalyptic adventure.

Now, join Morgan and Dom as they try something they’ve never attempted before – a show without a gimmick.

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Previous Shows

Episodes of our previous shows are available on our website and the podcast feed.

Radio: Wake Up! With Morgan and Dom

Where it all started. Located in a secret bunker deep beneath Swinburne University, Morgan and Dom broadcast a “morning show” the likes of which have never been heard before.

Wake Up! Was broadcast live on every Monday at 3pm AEST from August 11, 2014 until October 27, 2014.’

Radio: Morgan & Dom’s Doomsday Broadcast

The year is 2038. Global warming and a nuclear winter have all but wiped out civilisation. Only one radio show remains to comfort the world’s lonely survivors as they try to rebuild. It’s time for Morgan & Dom!

Morgan & Dom’s Doomsday Broadcast was broadcast live from 10am every Monday on 3SSR in early 2015

Radio: Morgan & Dom’s Symphonic Spectacular

Morgan & Dom’s Symphonic Spectacular aired live on 3SSR from 12pm every Monday in late 2015

Podcast Season 1: The Morgan & Dom Experience

We’ve shaken up our hit radio show and gone independent, baby! It’s everything we couldn’t put on the radio, and more. More, as in, they’re longer. And things we couldn’t put on the radio, as in, sometimes someone drops an f-bomb. It’s raw, it’s rough, it’s real – but only because we couldn’t be bothered editing it properly.

Podcast Season 2: Morgan & Dom: Storm Chasers

Batten down the hatches! A storm is coming. Follow Morgan and Dom into the eye of the storm as they chase down the mysteries of the universe — come rain, hail or shine.