Episode 12 – March 9, 2015 (M&D’s Doomsday Broadcast)


In the first episode of the new year, Morgan and Dom present an all-new show! In an all-new studio! With all-new segments. But really, not much has changed.

This week, Morgan and Dom talk mornings, play a couple of games (that are coincidentally Japan-related), and talk about the future of the show. Plus, Dom thinks it’s time to inject some happy into the world.

Show Notes

What makes you smile at the start of the week? We want to make the world a nicer place. Send us your messages of happy! Tweet us or send us a facebook message, and let us know why you’re happy!



00:00 – Intro
02:45 – Are you a morning person?
07:41 – Game: Turning Japanese
14:50 – Game: Is the thing I’m about to describe to you a Japanese game show or just something I made up last night while preparing for the show?
21:40 – Future goals and Messages of Happy
30:45 – Outro

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