Podcast 6 – Image Problems

On this month’s program, Dominic is having technical issues, we do some more behind the scenes talk, the triumphant (and long-winded) return of Morgan’s Reel Talk, and our comedy show exhibits some unexpected anti-establishment sentiments.

Podcast 5 – Improv Me Wrong

We’re back! And, boy, have we got a show. Granted, it’s not as good as you would expect for a 7-month hiatus, but what do you expect – it’s Morgan & Dom. Topics covered include: Morgan’s other podcast, a rant about passwords, how TV improv sucks and is fake, and the awkward rituals of birthday parties. Plus, Dom gives Morgan some advice for his upcoming graduation.

Podcast 3 – The Four Horsemen

We’re back! After a three-month break from podcasting, we’ve decided to pick up like nothing ever happened. On this episode, we discuss world (and Australian politics), including Brexit, the AU election, and Donald Trump. But don’t worry, that doesn’t go on for too long before we get to Morgan’s dirty cheating, Pokémon GO, and (of course) podcast logistics.

Podcast 2 – Conference Call

Some funny things happen when you don’t have any content for an episode. For starters, we spent most of this show talking about the mechanics of podcasting itself, our plans for the future, and ideas for other creative endeavours. I’m pretty sure at about the halfway mark we forgot we were recording and just started brainstorming what we should do in the future, rather than concentrating on what we were supposed to be doing right then.

In between all of that though, we played the hit internet game Google Feud, had a discussion about procrastination and creativity, and learned that Morgan is planning on doing secret podcasts without Dom on the side. Plus, what even is milk, should we do a patreon, and how does advertising work anyway?

Podcast 1 – Technical Difficulties

We’re calling this Episode 1, but don’t necessarily take that as a stamp of quality. This week, we talk about how we were shamelessly robbed of our chance to do a show from a blimp. Also, we discuss the vision for the podcast, Morgan pitches Dom an idea for a movie, and Dom has created a new sport!

Apologies for the fluctuating audio quality in this one. We’re still figuring out this podcasting thing.

Podcast 0 – This is Only a Test

It’s the first episode of our brand new podcast! Finally free from the shackles of broadcast radio, this is a lot looser than what we’ve done in the past, but it’s also a lot less polished – so we’re calling this our test episode. It’s nice and relaxed, and we sort of wander from one topic to the next (and back again), but broadly though, we discuss Video Games, Star Wars, iPhone rumours , and Christmas.

Sorry that Morgan sounds like he’s on the phone in this one. We’re still working on the recording setup.